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Q: Do I have to use only art I got from OpenGameArt? Does my game have to be open source?

A: Nope. It’s fine to use whatever art you want, so long as you have the proper rights (see rules). Your game also doesn’t have to be open source, either. Closed source is fine (unless you want to use stuff you worked on before the jam - then we ask that you share it with the other contestants to avoid having an unfair advantage).


Q: What’s “Procedural Death Labyrinth” mean?

A: Any game that showcases Procedural Generation, PermaDeath, and non-linear level design (ie a Labyrinth). Basically, it’s a new way to describe the recent crop of games like FTL, Spelunky, Coin Crypt, and The Binding of Isaac that use these features, without resorting to the awkward terms “Roguelike-LIKE” or “Rogue-LITE.”

You can find out more at


Q: Does my game have to be a Roguelike? What’s the true definition of a Roguelike?

A: Your game does NOT have to be a Roguelike, (by any of the many various ) but Roguelikes are of course welcome in this jam. PDL is intentionally a wider and more open genre than Roguelike -- all Roguelike’s are PDL’s.


Q: So my game has to be a Procedural Death Labyrinth?

A: Actually, just a Procedural Death is fine, though a full-on PDL is more than welcome. “Labyrinth” means your game has a semi-contained level design with multiple paths that’s usually procedurally generated, but your level design doesn’t have to be labyrinthine. Other alternatives to Labyrinth include, but are not limited to:

  • GAUNTLET: procedural levels, but with only one main path.
    Ex: Cloudberry Kingdom

  • ENVIRONMENT: procedural levels, but really open rather than semi-contained
    Ex: Minecraft in permadeath mode, Don’t Starve! (arguably)

  • Use your imagination!
    Ex: Procedural Death Barbie Fashion Dreamhouse, Procedural Death Farming Simulator

Q: Do my levels have to be procedurally generated?

A: No, but you DO need to make use of procedural generation in a big, central, way. Level design is an obvious way to do that. You can have statically designed levels if you want, but then you’ll really need to pull out the stops on procedural generation for the other features in your game.


Q: Do I retain the rights to my stuff?

A: 100% absolutely. The only way you would “lose” any rights to your stuff is you if you voluntarily release it under an open license (which we of course encourage, but do NOT require).


Q: What do I get if I win an award?

A: Honor! Prestige! Bragging Rights! Fanciness! The awards are all just for fun -- there’s no cash or prizes involved. We’ll make some badges or something you can put on your game if you like.


Q: Does it cost anything to enter? Do I have to make a donation to OpenGameArt?

A: It’s free! And no, you don’t have to donate, unless you want to be a Totally Awesome Person.


Q: Can we enter as a team?

A: Yes, but with a couple of caveats:

  • Team entries will be marked as such.  If a team entry wins a category, we'll also be announcing the best individual entry for that category.
  • Teams only get to vote once, as opposed to once per team member.


Q: How can I help?

A: Promote this project! Share this site with your friends, and tweet using the #ProceduralDeathJam hashtag!


Q: I have another question!

A: Ask Lars at , or message on twitter!


Q: How do I submit an HTML5 game?

A: Upload it as a single zip file.  In your description, link to a page where people can play it live.